Politicians and Homos

I lived 30 years of my life and if there is anything I did realize was the similarty between Politicians and Homos, why did I chose Homos I don’t know but they are the same in real life. The below points are not in order but I am sure you will get the point.

1-    A Politician needs to give up a bet to get strong while Homos need to pay abet to get hard

2-    Politicians shit on the society and Homos shit on there partner

3-    Both gets high to deactivate some feelings

4-    Both are blind folded

5-    Both do screw every hole they find in there way

6-    Both know how to use there tounges

7-    Both got strong hands to slap others on the ass

8-    The Politicians need to give up more to get more and Homos need to pay more to get more

9-    Both use protection

10-  Quality of a Politician You should be an Ass Hole to be one, Quality of a Homo You should be an Ass Hole to do One


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