Selfish Nature

This time I didn’t find a way to describe what i think in a funny way so all i had to do is write this story to explain what I couldn’t do in my usual way..

A frequent question every one ask on this earth is “Why Only Me?” that shows regardless of how generous they are or caring Human are always Selfish creatures by nature. Incidents might happen where people would stop living saying always “Why Only Me?” in my life I faced a lot of those and I would say I was that my self, lesson learned in the hard way that it is “Not Only Me” which helped me survive through a lot. Without mentioning names I have a friend who never stopped saying “Why Only Me?” which is sort of Funny & Sad to see such a person in my life, this friend was fun loving, smart, cool not to mention handsome through all the years I knew him, he had an unfortunate accident in a young age where he had suffered of having permanent marks on his skin and that made my friend stop living, he became a person I would only see in the movies a very introverted person, closed on him self, lost massive weight not only that he lost he even lost
his self confidant along with it.

This person hammered him self with books, romantic movies, slow music almost desperate ones just to live the dream he couldn’t live in reality because of what happened to him. He would have imagined all women that he see as his loved ones, dream all nights on how will he get his dream girl and next day he is back to his old self, the lonely one and feel shy to speak to the girl he likes fearing her answer and how would that answer crash him into peaces and that awful thought that he wont be able to live again so his silence was his way to survive. He finally decided to let go and live his dream and that women will come after him, with this decision he got broken and crashed almost every day the longest relationship he had was a week the reason is that any women would have come near him to ask for help or ask on how is he, that would have meant the hint for him that she is into him. When suddenly they are not around or straiten things out this is when he is shattered.

Being his friend I knew that he was killing him self slowly if not that then he was dieing slowly, I had to do anything to bring his moral & self esteem up what ever I did from back tabbing, talking, creating a fun environment around him all that didn’t work, it was killing me deep that I can’t do anything for him. I knew that I can be only the asset but not the reason the only reason he could change back and be the very old him is him, till one day I got an idea I spook to my best friend which is a women and told her all about him and convinced her to be his Girlfriend it would & it will help him out plus that she would appreciate him if his back to his old nature and we started it, few days later I saw my friend and I could see a slight smile on his face I knew it is happening he started dressing up normally then his fancy clothes his charisma was getting back to him with in few months, she even convinced him to go for treatment for his skin and he
did he became so happy that this women cares for what he is. Which was a dream come true to him she was one of those characters in his books/movies to him she was one of these sweet words in his sad songs, after a year he was back the he was the same friend I knew for long time started going out all his confidence was back worst of all it was the time for his exam which was a risk I had to take time to see how will he recovered and we did it, that was the deal when I first spook to her that she would act like his girlfriend if she falls for him then it is done if she don’t she needs to complete the full act till the end and it was about time she created a fight so they would break up, I was on my toes praying that he could get out of it, I was amazed by the result and my eyes got opened to that fact that humans are selfish he actually got through it and the first word I got to hear was “She is wrong if she thought I am what I am because of her,
there are millions of her in this world” it did hurt me badly those words were like gun shots in me heart after all what she did to him this is what she gets in return? So I opened up and told him about it & the plan and everything wanting him to come to his mind, the second thing I see was …………………………………… his back telling me that “Don’t think you assisted me in any way, cause I am what I am because of me. So stop dreaming of holding a favor on me” these words were the last I heard from him and the last thing I saw of him was his back.

I wonder if I should say “Why Only Me?” because of all this, or should I say this is the selfish human nature.


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