Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

When I woke up this morning I started searching if by any chance I still had my first girlfriend picture (May her soul R.I.P) When I couldn’t find any I started wondering why did I do that and what was the need for it?

Now that I am writing about it I guess that I won’t be the only one who in order to continue till tomorrow needs to have a look at yesterday! And that can be for many reasons i.e. the way you woke up today is the exactly the same way you woke up in the past, a word that had been said to you today is the same word you heard long time back, a song in a specific moment.

For me today was the same as yesterday because I met someone, who reminded me of my first girlfriend she is not exactly the same from the outside but sure she is from the inside, my subconscious mind brought all those memories out.

And thinking of it more deeply, yesterday and tomorrow are not linked by today it can never be the reason is Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow have the same exact time they are all 24hrs the day starts by 12:00am and ends by 11:59pm, the original link between them is you.

Yes you, it is always the people you meet that links all these moments together and the main link is you.


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