Cats and Dogs or Men and Women

Men always think women are not easy to be understood and Women think men got no feelings!

Well that isn’t right and to figure it out it doesn’t need physics or rocket since to solve this issue, you don’t even got to have Men are from Venus and Women are from Mars because they are not.

Women are easy to be understood, a women life pre getting into a relationship is all about her future and she lives her day to day life like the rest of humans, she has her good and bad times and if she thinks of the future it is her future no one is in it, it is all about her achievements and career.

Men pre getting into a relation are same as women the only difference is that in all there future plan (which is next day usually) there is either a women involved (Dream that he would meet one) or friends we can’t think of our future as individuals though we look like individual creatures.

Now when a man meets the women he likes and he decides to get her attention he thinks of the future as in future tomorrow, the day after and end of the month on what he would be doing to attract her to him. A small example is that men becomes like a bunch of keys trying to find the right key to open the women’s heart which is like a solid closed door at that point.

Once doors are open we go back as humans again, now that men are in the courting stage they become sentimental and very emotional, we do plan romantic dinner, cool outings, surprises which a woman would love, however there is a transformational point there after a certain period of courting and while almost getting into the phase of entering a relationship the woman would start gradually taking over all the things the man use to do and for some reason here is where most of the problems start asking why?

Role play time, when the man is in the courting phase he actually do things which freaks women out such as proposing, talking about future plans or move inns. The best quality of a women is she can hide easily how freaked she is by this person and go to one of two solutions at the end of the night, either dump him at that stage or give him a chance but men are poor in this area they can never lie properly to a women or hide there feelings.

So once the women take over and starts doing all the things he did this is when the problems start, because seriously men mind switch off to courting mood as if the women is the one courting him at that stage, so if the woman was smart enough she would take advantage of both moments phase one where the man is the one courting her and phase two where the man thinks that the women is doing so, she could have him for her forever.

Now what I said above is just a brief for both genders to understand things they might have not seen or absorbed on there path of relationship. Now is the time to know what each gender wants.

Men all that Women need us men to have our arms wide open always just incase they need to sneak in between when ever they wish to, they want us to be considerate and allow them to win some arguments, to call them or text them when we are not near them even if we just have to say “Hi” all these things are simple to be done by doing so your woman won’t be calling you asking where are you and feel that you are interrogated.

Women all that Men need you to do, is to conceder that we need to hang out with our gang every now and then, give us some free space and not to doubt us for cheating on you, just an FYI that your man will only cheat you if you keep on doubting him, we hate comparisons never compare us to any one you might have new or your friends boyfriend, last don’t talk too much about future family plans wait for us to talk about it or hint it that is the part you would know that your partner is 100% ready for commitment.

I hope this ends the ultimate fight between Cats & Dogs or Men & Women.


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