The Cruel Me

today i have been reminded on how cruel i can be!! not to everyone though it is only when people don’t hold their limits and attitude towards others.

will i won’t let you all wait for what i did and what happened that i had to show someone their limits.

one year back i had a female friend that got tired of me being the only single friend she got so she insisted on hooking me up with someone “yes a blind date” is what she set for me, so i went to this restaurant she told me about smartly dressed and there she was with a beautiful women she introduced us and excused her self.

we sat and ordered our dinner and exchanged some topics and spoke about our selves for a while, i thought that she is broad minded till she asked me about my collage degree and as soon i told her i don’t have one her true nature showed up, she started talking to me from the tip of her nose which was very impolite and that pushed me to the other side of the river.

i asked her if she works? and she said Yes, then i asked her about her average salary and she told me about it and it was less then my pay; that would have not made a deference for me if she didn’t act the way she did and that is not an excuse for what i did next, i sort of told her to shove her degree in her ass because i get more experience in life and in my career then she does and proudly i could say it is worth more then her degree where i work but as long as she evaluates people with the degree they got i guess i am the illiterate one so i have no manners what so ever, i pushed back my chair, stood up and asked her to pay the bill and i left.

few hours later is when my friend called me and told me that what ever i did was wrong bla bla blaa and that i have embarrassed her in front of her friend and also her friend faced some trouble with the bill as she didn’t carry enough money with her, she had to call her parents to come and pay the rest of the bill…….. heheheheee will i guess i was the devil at that moment which gave me great feelings for what i did to her seriously the feeling i got back then was some sort of erection.

i guess all i wanted to say is never in your life whither you are rich, have a degree or what so ever to under estimate or act cruel towards the person in front of you because you never know what your words could do to him/her some might act like jerks and that was me, some can get very demotivated of what you say.

One Response to “The Cruel Me”
  1. adelkod says:

    Can i hear a high 5!!

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