Walk the Talk

Hey ya all, what’s happening?

Past few weeks I’ve been all around youtube listening to songs watching funny clips and all. That is fine up till now right! But there had been a strange new phenomenon a lot of clips by young people male/female around the world giving lectures and advices about SEX!!!!

They talk about it as if it was physics or rocket science, for each member you would find minimum of 10 clips on the same topic. I am writing not because I am going to correct them or anything if you have any doubts about Sex ‘dammit’ read a Kamasotra or go see a specialist.

I am writing because I am wondering if today’s generation point of attraction is only SEX, what happened to the topics of Moral Ethics, Politics, Motivational speeches and the rest of useful topics to generate a healthy, smart, bright generation that could uplift the current corruption and illiteracy in all aspects “politics, education, human rights, animal rights etc..”

When the World Wide Web, first introduced I was happy, I thought that it would fix all the things our generation going through and that the next generation would be better then ours, and sadly I have to say I don’t ever think this would happen anytime soon. Looking at the way this people spoke in their clips apparently they think that the World economic, war, pollution & hunger would be fixed by solving the bedroom affairs first.

Ok here is a tip for you so called New Generation; the saying “Everything starts from your room” is just hypothetical example, which means everything starts by your own will at the start of each day. Did you get it or is it hard to understand? It doesn’t mean everything starts by sex.

A lot of you now at this exact moment would say what am I talking about and that I have no clue of what so ever blah blah blah…..

If you think you got the guts then correct me, and correct my vision on how confused ALL of you new generation are. Not to mention that you come up with just hollow excuses just to get away with everything you do, guess what? I am not giving you the chance to get away with it.

So if ever you are going to write back to me please don’t come up with excuses, I want you to come back to me with FACTs.


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