Mysterious a one light setup portrait

When I first started I was like other thousands of new born photographers, that I need equipments professional equipments that is in order to have good photos.

Will I was wrong all I needed in fact was knowledge of light and one speed light (flash) and a trigger to do my work, the image below is a proof.

It was my 1st portrait after I spent some time reading about light and directions of light, it was amazing on what I can achieve with just a single light before I get my 2nd one.

In this set up I used the flash on camera with a light diffuser on it (the same one that comes with the flash) making the flash facing the model while he is slightly bending so I can have that dark shadow on the top of his face as the hoodie will prevent the light from illuminating the entire face.

Hope you like this, please comment and leave your feedbacks



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