Makeup for Photo shot and events

Most of the girls, ladies would love to have yourself photographed pre to any event and there are lots of times you get irritated to see your makeup is washed out and u have unnatural look.

If you think about it we are usually lit from above by sunlight, ceiling light or from the side by a window or lamp light, while in photograph you are lit from unnatural angel of light and that is when you have the unnatural look.

You want to avoid that right? Ok this is what I’ll talk about makeup for events, portraits and fashion photography.

One of the main reasons for this to happen and be casspers cousin is the SPF in your makeup or the saloon’s! so in order to avoid this use a makeup with no SPF, as events will be mainly at night where there won’t be any sun and it won’t be in the studio also, but if you love your SPF makeup you can use other options.

Use Matt makeup with low SPF 15 or lower.
Use powder with yellow tint as transparent powder tends to leave a white cast when flash goes off
Last is blend your makeup to remove harsh lines.

Hope you got to know something new :))

P.S. this is a general rule it will vary from one persons skin to other.



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