Good Morning a Morning Coffee shoot

Good Morning everyone, just wanted to emphasize on a point some people pointed out wether in my blog or personal life that because I have the luxury of a proper strobe lights that is the reason I come with those results “I have no idea what a proper strobe light means!!”

To be honest I find it an excuse from some individuals saying that just to point that equipments are what make the photographer, the below photo I could have used my strobe lights but just to prove a point I didn’t.

The setup I used for this shot using 2 small $100 speed lights “flash light” with triggers, one is pointed at the edge of the of the cup from the back right side, the second directly behind the cup using an assistant to point it slightly above the cup on the coffee so I can led the smoke also, last I used a silver reflector front left of the cup to bounce back the light to the cup so it will be led from the front.

I guess that is easy and wasn’t with proper strobe ;))

Enjoy your coffee



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