Being creative is a Free Skill

Hello once again,

Being creative is not necessary means you should be having lots of equipments.

It just means using the tools you have at the time.

The below photo nothing been manipulated in it except the sky but the point is not in the manipulation technique it is the RAW image you get. I was with a friend in the train station holding hands with my best friend šŸ™‚ my camera, looking at the weather it is a sunny day with some clouds in which photographing while the clouds are covering the sun will give you a natural big diffused light that helps you photograph people without having harsh light or shadow.

Any ways waiting for the train, I decided to pass time photographing when I was like let me shoot a photo Hollywood style and I asked my friend to hold still near the platform for 1/2 second while the train is passing by, and below is the result.

It is good to get ideas from posters, movies other fellow photographers and build your theme on it, but I don’t encourage mimicking them as the point of being a photographer is to have your own creative vision not others.



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