Wither I Want it or Not photo plus song critique

I am back but this time with a slightly different approach as I am not talking about a photo, I am in fact critiquing this song I heard in a Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2 (Chahu mai ya na) with one of my photos to support my unprofessional critique 🙂

Why did I choose this song? Because just when you hear the first 20 sec before even the singer starts, it gets in your heart and just remains there for no reason wither you understand the language or not.

Listening to it carefully I realized that the composer either a very smart person, extra romantic or both.

He made the core of the song in terms of instruments a base guitar with almost the same tempo and feel as the heart beat and starts playing slightly with the tempo making your heart reach a climax, it is an awesome feeling when you can actually sort of hear and feel your own heart beat going through your ears. It is so making you feel alive than he gives you a break as if he knew that your heart can’t take it further with a beautiful solo combining violin & lead guitar to throw you back again in the same loop but this time along with the base an acoustic guitar at the same rhythm can be heard southing your heart and letting the strongest part of the lyric in the song “my opinion” take place till the closing of the song.

Chahu Mai Ya Na translates to Wither I Want it or Not

The intro translated is

“Tell me that Wither I Want it or Not
Tell me the way to your heart Wither I Want it or Not”

The photo I can relate to with this song is called blessed


Thank you


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