The Cruel Me

today i have been reminded on how cruel i can be!! not to everyone though it is only when people don’t hold their limits and attitude towards others. will i won’t let you all wait for what i did and what happened that i had to show someone their limits. one year back i had … Continue reading

Politicians and Homos

I lived 30 years of my life and if there is anything I did realize was the similarty between Politicians and Homos, why did I chose Homos I don’t know but they are the same in real life. The below points are not in order but I am sure you will get the point. 1-    … Continue reading

Hello world!

It had been more then 1million two thousend years since the first awesome man invented LOVE and women still didn’t get the heck of it will it is time Lovely creatures Love is to: Lose Our Virginity Easily this is the begining of me wait for more and all you would hear is broken glasses