Couple Photography “please share your thoughts”

Hi All, I want to share with you my 1st ever couple photography. Your opinion count to help me improve kindly share with me what do you think and what should I have done better Advertisements

Makeup for Photo shot and events

Most of the girls, ladies would love to have yourself photographed pre to any event and there are lots of times you get irritated to see your makeup is washed out and u have unnatural look. If you think about it we are usually lit from above by sunlight, ceiling light or from the side … Continue reading

In The Alley

This is not a Full Tutorial, but i would like to share some ideas when you do think out of the box in photography what can you do, sometimes sticking to just your normal backdrops wont help the idea of your photo so this is what i did in one of my shots and i … Continue reading

The Singer

This is one of my latest shots, for this shot I used an aperture of F13 ISO 100 and shutter speed 130″ and the lighting setup is easy it has a beauty dish at top of model, reflector from the bottom and a Nikon SB800 at her back facing the background. Hope you’ll comment if … Continue reading